Aug 21, 2010

Inaugural Blog. . . and it's a gorgeous day in San Diego

Welcome one and all to my brandy-new blog. Have patience with me, please, as I test these uncharted waters. Mistakes will happen, corrections will be made, but in the end let's have lots of fun and frolic and not take everything too seriously.

Firstly, my provenance:

This 'Jersey Girl' has replanted herself in sunny SoCal; San Diego to be exact. For many years I had travelled to Cali  for business and determined one day to make it my permanent home. Ta da! Here I am.

My previous life was spent in the fashion industry in New York. (That chapter and verse requires another posting to do it justice.) When I landed at LAX for the first time as a newly promoted fashion buyer  I had just left a blizzard back home. Although it took me years to learn that the Santa Monica Mountains were visible from my hotel window at the Beverly Hilton (the smog factor), it was the swaying palms in January that convinced me that warm weather beats cold any day any way.  So here I am.

Of course my timing could have been better; um, make that much better. It appears that I have relocated from one dysfunctional state to another during the second worst economic implosion in our country's existence.  Well, you know what they say about lemons . . . as a result I have perfected the most amazing lemonade.

The top pix is a shot of my shop, Chez Laurice. It is located at Leaping Lotus, which is located at the Cedros Avenue Design District in Solana Beach. It is a treasure trove of all things vintage and it is the embodiment of my many years collecting from domestic and global travels across the world for all things unique and special.

So, that's my intro. I will continue my musings and observations with subsequent blogs. I look forward to new friends and encourage comments and insights from near and far.

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