Nov 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Thyme

It's thyme for the holidays!

For me each season's holiday has its own special and particular flavor and aroma. In my childhood home Thanksgiving in my mother's kitchen did not officially arrive until she began the ritual of her stuffing preparation. Thyme was her herb of choice. It had to be dried, never fresh. Her recipe was simple with few ingredients; white bread, onions, eggs and thyme. Yet the magic that she created when this mixture was ceremoniously prepared and added to a heated skillet that had a pool of awaiting melted butter is one of my fondest holiday memories. Once the butter bubbled up and around  the stuffing and permeated those heaping heavenly mounds of perfection, the house was overtaken with the thymely fragrance of  her divine holiday offering.
So many smells were at play in her kitchen on this holiday, but it was the thyme who ruled and led the way for all other secondary aromas to know their place. As the stuffing crisped up in the frying pan, it was everyone's duty to beg and plead for 'a taste.' Those first morsels of piping hot and butter drenched wonderfulness were the best mouthfuls of holiday enjoyment and far surpassed the formal Thanksgiving meal.
 I have followed my mother's tradition and feel that I have mastered her recipe to the point that would garner her approval. And yet, it just never tastes          the same.

Chez Laurice is all gussied up for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations.

We have set our table and are giving thanks for all that we have received this year.

There is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

With the season of Christmas soon upon us,
let us not overlook the importance of our nationdal day of

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