Dec 17, 2010

The Stockings were hung. . .

Ah, Christmas time!
It's a time of year like no other.
All senses are on overload as are all of the electrical outlets.
And, yet, it is still by far the best season of them all.

My crafting juices were flowing and I finally determined to repurpose one of my antique cutter quilts. The results may been viewed in the family of stocking ornies above. It truly makes me smile to know that such simple hand crafted ornaments bear such a history of crafting from the original quilter/s to my simple effort to give new life to a wonderful and well used item.

I was checking out at the grocer's the other evening and the cashier was a very personable young man.  We were exchanging pleasantries and he asked me how my holiday preparations were going. I replied that I was heading into the final stretch and asked him the same. He told me that he hadn't even started his Christmas shopping and then he further added that he didn't have the $$$ for gifts for his siblings. Before I could reply he blurted that he would be making the gifts. I asked him if he was crafty and he said yes. I then told him that as one crafter to another, there could be no better gifts than ones that he would make with his hands from his heart. He agreed and we both smiled and wished each other a Merry Christmas.
Ah, Christmas time!

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