Mar 16, 2011

On Being Irish

My Irishness

My mother determined that my given name would be 'Laurice.' Considering that this decision was made mid-century, she was quite the innovator. Her motivation was to name me after my father, Lawrence. The obvious choices such as Laura or Lauren and the like did not appeal to her, so she fashioned my name herself.

My father, however, was a little anxious about the name. He was not comfortable with it and, quite contradictory to his character, he proclaimed to my mother as she lay in the maternity ward that 'Patricia' was his name of choice for their new born daughter. They compromised and thus I am Patricia Laurice. Clearly Dad won that round.

I take pride in my name. I was one of six Patricias in my high school homeroom, nonetheless the marriage of such a conventional Irish name with one that was oh-la-la French in flavor is most indicative of my very nature. Each year as the Feast of Saint Patrick approaches I take time to reminisce of my father's Irish pride and the Irishness of my name, Patricia Laurice McConnell. Okay, so the middle name is not quite so Irish, but it adds just the right amount of continental spice to my very own Irish stew.

Tis time for the wearing of the green!

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