May 13, 2012



Mother's Day has the power to resurface buried memories of years past, of times spent with Mom and warm reflections of special days shared just between the two of you.

I can't imagined what prompted my memory of lunching with my mother at the Franklin Arms Tea Room so many, many moons ago. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant recapture of a more innocent time when mothers took their daughters to such 'ladies only'  venues for a special luncheon.

The proprietress  was always there to welcome you at the door of this colonial era former travelers lodge. She was impeccably dressed,  her makeup was expertly applied, coif was without a flaw and her perfume signaled both her entrance and exit from each and every room.

Everyone in attendance was dressed 'to the nines' and my mother exemplified the best of taste when it came to knowing what to wear and how to wear it.  My ensemble was always of a preppy nature; no frills for this daughter allowed. I dreamed of ruffles and crinolines at the time, but upon reflection I must give credit where credit is due and acknowledge my mother's wisdom with my wardrobe selections.

The highlight of my luncheon would be the Shirley Temple cocktail. It made me feel totally grown up and the extra cherry didn't hurt to affirm my conviction. My mother and I always split a sandwich when we went out to lunch, but the Franklin Arms was the one exception to that practice. I can't imagine why, but I do recall that I would order the liverwurst on rye, an odd selection for a young girl. Perhaps it was what I was accustomed to, but still an unique choice.

The tea room was frequented by blue-rinse tinted ladies. At the time I was convinced that all older women's hair turned blue as they aged. Silly me! I also thought that their cheeks became exceptionally rosy as the years passed. I was totally clueless.

I have never had a daughter of my own to bring to a tea room. My sons preferred sports-theme environs and that, too, has been an educational process for me. It doesn't really matter whether it be a tea room or a rugged sports pub to share those special moments as either a mother or a child. The memories are still made and for this Mother's Day I give tribute to my mother for the happy moments that she created for me.


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