Jun 17, 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun

She was as black as black could be.
 So very, very black. 
Sleek and contoured. 
A real head turner. 
The classic Mad Men era beauty.
She had accessories no one else had and she wore them well.
 I admired her from afar. 
My sister actually knew her first.
And then good fortune came my way and we became inseparable. 
We cruised the local highways and byways. 
She was always ready for a good time and ever reliable.
Even the Beach Boys captured her in melody and lyrics.

My Dad was as cool as was she. 
No, actually, he was way cooler.
When he first handed me HER KEYS it was a moment beyond compare.
How I treasured each and every time I got to be with her.
To think that he actually let me take her out when I was newly licensed is amazing to me still.
No one but my father understood what it meant to me.
He understood me better than anyone; then and now.
So, today I am missing them both.
I miss my T Bird and everything she brought to me in  my youth.
  I miss my Dad.
I miss him each and every day.
Days like this one . . .  Father's Day. . .  always sharpen the pain. 
He alone knew how important the right wheels were for a newbie driver.
Especially one who had an opportunity to be behind the wheel of a Thunderbird.
Thanks, Daddy. You were always the best and still are.
It was 
Fun . . . Fun . . . Fun

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