Jun 30, 2013

Chez Laurice Shoppe

What's in the Cupboard?

Have you ever been antiquing and then be fortunate enough to come upon an old cupboard?
If they could speak stories of lives lived long ago would be revealed, layer upon layer. 

Cupboards had primarily utilitarian purposes generations past.
They stored dry goods, surplus needs, dishes, quilts, linens and so much more.

Those of us who possess one (or more) of these bearers-of-many- uses well know the never-leaving scents that they hold within their confines.

My treasured nineteenth century cupboard in the photo above comes from an old world convent. It was used to store hand embroidered linens.

I placed a mixed assortment of vintage ceramics, glassware, china and such on the shelves for shoppers to select.

The doors are mostly hidden in the photo, but they spread out like open arms, welcoming the requisite antique quilt or Old Glory for adornment.

Dainty doilies, hankies and a doll-sized picket fence accessorize my cupboard to give it character and sass.
I placed a hand carved wooden mantel on top as a crown.

Next time you are antiquing take a second look at the charming cupboards.
Painted or not, they can make that special one-of-a-kind addition to your home.

Oh, and those lingering scents . . . they will always remind you of the untold tales that are shelved within.

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