Nov 6, 2012

Time to Vote!

These past months have been quite a ride. 
I have worked many hours this past year for the
 Obama for America Campaign, 
 Obama Victory Fund, 
 Democratic National Committee  and
 Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 

I have spoken with many individuals, reaching out to them, reminding each one what is at stake on our journey to this historic election.

People have shared with me their pain, their frustration and their discontent. But what they have shared with me more than all else is their hope for the future of this great country and their pride and conviction that President Obama has accomplished many great things in spite of so many efforts to undermine his goals and achievements.

I received my lessons in Democratic Party essentials at my father's knee. All that I know and believe began at a very young age. Now, so many years later, I hold even stronger conviction of my Democratic beliefs with so many stories having been shared with me by fellow Americans.

Today we vote! 
Such an American tenet of our democracy. 
May all the work that I and my fellow democrats have extolled reap reward today.

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