Nov 25, 2014

Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings - Susan Branch

What blessings can you count this Thanksgiving?

The obvious ones are with us each year;
Family, friends, good fortune of health.

I will add to that the benefit of having grown up
knowing what the holiday of
Thanksgiving is really about.

'Black Friday' had no meaning
and 'Cyber Monday' would have sounded
like a sci fi story.

The panic was not to get the 'deal of the season'
but rather
to have everyone's favorite dish
on the Thanksgiving table.

Trying to find a store open on Thanksgiving was unthinkable.
If you were traveling the gas tank needed to be full
because  few stations would be open.

All that was open were the mouths of hungry guests
 waiting to dig in to the bounty on the table.

No one was camping out for days in front of stores.
The only early rush was to not miss
the Macy's Parade on T.V.,
 or in person if you were lucky enough.

The 'good old days' were not always so good,
 only a fool would venture to think so.

For this particular holiday, however, it truly seems to apply.

Thanksgiving now gets little-to-no respect
even though
it's a holiday without prejudice to race, color or creed.

Let's focus on those thoughts.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving.
Count your blessings!

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