Nov 11, 2014

My Special Veteran

Veterans' Day 2014

This is a "thank you" to my special veteran.

My husband, Walter served three years in the army during the Cold War era.
He was stationed in Germany, his birthplace, and served at a Ground-to-Air Missile base.

He spoke little of those years.
 Memories were made, friends were lost and life moved on.

Now he is retired and we are living the 'good life' in sunny Southern California, far from our home state of New Jersey and further yet from his family in Europe.

Walter is now a veterans' volunteer.
He is an exceptional one at that.
He spends forty hours or more every week at the
Greater Los Angeles Veterans' Hospital
assisting hospital staff and needy veterans alike.

When asked why he gives so much of his time when
he could be doing so many other things, his reply is always the same;
"I do it for the Veterans."
A simple answer and what more needs to be said?

So today I thank my husband for being a Veteran and for his selflessness in taking care of other Veterans who are not as fortunate as is he.

Blessings to all who serve; past, present and future.

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